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LinguaFolio® Checklists

LinguaFolio® Checklists

Two formats are available; one as a PDF version, that may be printed and completed by hand or a Word version, that is form fillable. In order to complete the Word documents, download and save the Word files to your computer before filling in information. Any information filled in directly on the web site will NOT be saved.

Interpretive Listening Checklist (Word format)
Interpretive Reading Checklist (Word format)
Interpersonal Communication Checklist (Word format)
Presentation Writing Checklist (Word format)
Presentational Speaking Checklist (Word format)

Combined LinguaFolio® Checklists (PDF format)

LF Checklist Progress Report (Word format or PDF format)

LinguaFolio® Self-Assessment Summary Grid

In this section, there are "can do" statements to help you assess your language competencies. Using the LinguaFolio® checklists, go through one mode, such as Interpretive, from Novice Low to the highest level you can reach. If you can check off most of the can-do statements within the proficiency level, then you are performing at that level of proficiency and can progress to the next level. Continue until you reach a level where you cannot yet check the majority of the items. Attaining this level becomes your goal. Then continue with the next mode of communication, following the same process until you have assessed yourself in all modes of communication.